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Job Details

Social Media Care Agent

7100 Corporate Drive , Plano , TX

Are you passionate about brand love? Do you find yourself scrolling through comments on social with a desire to offer solutions? As a Social Media Care Agent, you will be responsible for managing and processing all inbound customer service and brand love related comments across Pizza Hut social media channels and providing a resolution to customers within a designated response time. You will also escalate and triage sensitive customer issues to internal Pizza Hut teams and stakeholders for a resolution. You will collaborate with team members and the team lead on challenging or sensitive cases to identify and vet the best approach to manage these issues. You will also be the first line of defense for social (social never sleeps) as well as have the following responsibilities:

  • Report on activity and findings, concisely summarizing important community trends and insights that are relevant to the customer care program, team, Pizza Hut products and the overall brand
  • Participation in operational or technical platform trainings, as needed
  • End-of-shift knowledge transfers and information download sessions to ensure other team members are aligned and aware of current case items still in progress or needing attention
  • Quickly address customer issues and escalate when necessary to internal stakeholders


  • 1+ years customer care experience either in-person, via phone or online channels
  • Passionate about helping people: you are personable, sincere, humble and want to solve the issues at hand
  • A team player: if someone needs help, you are the first one on the scene. You're more than willing to lend a hand and share your know-how
  • Flexible: Ability to adapt quicky to a changing environment
  • Discerning, practical, and insightful: you are also able to be flexible and work quickly to keep up with the social traffic as it occurs
  • Juggling skills…juggling tasks that is. You can manage a large queue of tasks for action and recognize priority issues as well as escalate with effective communication
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Grammar Superhero, battling misuse of their, there and they're everywhere you turn
  • Proven ability to deal with problems and solve them effectively with positivity
  • Ability to maintain accuracy, consistency, and quality in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment
  • Expected in office as needed (about once per week) and possess a high level of productivity when working remotely and in-office
  • Working a mix of morning, afternoon, and night shifts including weekends and some holidays - 40 hours/5 days a week

  • Bachelor's degree preferred, not required
  • Experience with the Microsoft Suite and the ability to quickly learn and adopt new tools
  • High level of comfort in web-based applications, social media platforms, and navigation between tools (Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter (X) )