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Director of Software Engineering


As the Director of Software Engineering, you will be responsible for leading multiple software teams responsible for developing software used in all aspects of our business including online, above store, and in-store technology. To do so, you will leverage a strong background in all aspects of software development and will tailor approaches and solutions to each unique problem and circumstance.

This role provides a unique opportunity to leverage a high degree of engineering skill and wisdom to lead a large organization of engineers to deliver key value to the Pizza Hut business. In this role, you will have responsibility for technical architecture as well as organizational strategy and growing and mentoring future key leaders. On any given day, you should expect to move quickly from strategic meetings with executive level leadership about how best to use technology to further broader business goals to deeply technical interactions with your engineering leaders. You will be the glue that brings both of these aspects together to generate maximum value for the business and foster an environment where engineers feel highly valued and effective.

Key Responsibilities:

* You will connect your technical organization to the broader business, fostering a culture of partnership and innovation.
* You will be responsible for providing technical leadership and resources to product teams across the business organization.
* You will be the primary champion of a growth-minded culture, constantly staying up to date on the latest best practices and options in the software industry and leading decisions on when and how to adopt change into the organization.
* You will be responsible for ensuring that all projects, initiatives, and processes are tuned and operating in a way that maximizes the engineering organizations ability to provide maximum business value from our technical investments.
* You will directly lead and mentor multiple engineering managers by investing in their growth and coaching them in how to do the same for their team members.


* Senior level software engineering experience. While you won't be writing software day to day, a core foundation of engineering skills will be essential to leading your organization.
* 5+ years of technical organizational leadership with a minimum of 2 levels of organization under your leadership.
* Experience managing a technical team in companies whose primary products are not tech products, preferably in the eCommerce domain.
* The ability to lead effectively and create clarity in ambiguous situations.
* Strong communication skills that enable you to communicate technical value to business stakeholders.

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